Religious Affairs Committee
Chair: Ahmad Taha
-To make arrangements for the prayers, khutbahs, and other talks in the Masjid,
-To establish the dates of major Islamic events in the community,
-To maintain the Masjid Islamic Library for the benefit of the community,
-To make arrangements for marriages, conversions to Islam, funeral prayers, and services,
-To arrange for dialogue with other faith-based organizations and organize seminars or workshops for the non-Muslims in the community,
-To discuss and conclude on any fiqhi issues that might arise in the community.

Membership Committee
Chair: Mohammad Abuleil
-To streamline the Membership process,
-To review the Membership applications,
-To ensure the applicants meet the Membership criteria,
-To approve or deny Memberships on the basis of the Membership criteria.

Burial Committee
Chair: Shah Yusuf
-To assist the family of the deceased with the funeral process,
-To make all necessary arrangements at the Masjid in preparation for the funeral,
-To provide any sort of counseling or support to the family members of the deceased.

Property Management Committee
Chair: Ahmad Taha
-To oversee the general day-to-day maintenance of the Masjid and other Society properties,
-To arrange for the necessary repairs, alterations, or additions,
-To periodically inspect the Masjid and Society properties,
-To set guidelines for Masjid use.

Educational Committee
Chair: Imam Abdul-Mannan
Sunday School Administrator: Safdar Muhammad 
-To prepare the Islamic School curriculum and constantly update it to the meet the Islamic educational needs of students,
-To organize and execute all Islamic classes for children and/or adults
-To manage and arrange all instructional material required for Islamic School,
-To train teachers for the Islamic School,
-To recommend Islamic publications for use in classes.

Website Committee
Chair: Mohammad Abuleil
-To update the Masjid website on a continuous basis to reflect the latest information,
-To organize the website in a manner that is user-friendly,
-To manage all website or IT-related issues.