Masjid Projects

The following list of projects is currently being managed by the Masjid Administration for the 2009 calendar:

A. Property Management:

1. Masjid Expansion
Coming soon

2. Minaret Construction
Recently, signs of cracks and leakage were noticed on the old minaret. In order to avoid any unfortunate incidents from occurring, the Masjid Board decided to take down the old minaret and replace it with a new one built with sturdier materials. This was a significant cost to the Masjid Treasury.

3. Property Purchase
In order to expand the Masjid to adjacent areas the Board recently purchased the property behind the Masjid. For the meantime the property has been rented out so the Masjid can generate revenue from it. Insha'Allah in the future we hope to use the new property to expand the Masjid's services.

4. Dome Caulking
This is a regular expense for the Masjid Treasury. Every now and then signs of leakage becomes apparent around the Dome. This requires continuous caulking on the edges of the Dome in order to prevent the leaks from happening.

5. Air Conditioning Leakage
Recently the Board noticed that the Masjid A/C condensing unit was malfunctioning. Apparently the condensed water was accumulating in the wrong area of the A/C unit which caused a build-up of water residue and resulted in continuous leaks. Alhamdulillah this has been fixed now.

6. Painting Masjid Perimeter
In order to beautify our Masjid from the outside the Board decided to re-paint the perimeter of the Masjid. The old paint was wearing off which made the doors and walls open to rust. The re-painting will ensure that the Masjid property is in the best shape possible.

7. Snow Removal
In order to keep the Masjid clear of huge piles of snow, a snow removal contractor is hired to ensure that the snow is regularly cleaned away. This important service to the community costs a couple thousand dollars.

8. Carpet Shampooing
To ensure cleanliness and proper hygiene inside the Masjid the administration hires contractors to shampoo the Masjid carpets on a bi-yearly basis.

B. Public Relations

1. Masjid Website
Alhamdulillah the Masjid Public Relations team released a brand new website for the community. It received a lot of positive reviews from the young and elderly alike. Insha'Allah we hope to continuously post on the Masjid website to ensure that it is updated as much as possible. Please sign up to the Masjid mailing list for updates to be sent directly to your inbox.

2. Media Center
In order for the community to get to know their Masjid better, the Board decided to initiate the Media Center project. The Media Center requires the purchase of electronics in order for it be a success. Our first program from the Media Center was Ramadan Night LIVE! Insha'Allah we hope to establish more of these programs so that the community and especially our sisters can keep their connection with the Masjid on a regular basis.

C. Education

1. Islamic School
The Masjid has a regular Islamic School held every week on Sunday. Students are taught Qur'an, Hadith, Aqeedah, the Prophet's biography, stories of past prophets, Akhlaq, Fiqh, and many other topics. Teachers are chosen based on the depth of their Islamic knowledge so the children can receive the best Islamic education from their Masjid. Some teachers are paid for their services while others do so on a voluntary basis

2. Summer Camp
Every year the Masjid has a Children's Summer Camp where they learn to balance Islam and their fun life. The students are taught the basics of Islam while at the same time they enjoy the many extracurricular activities of the Summer Camp.

3. Masjid Library
Alhamdulillah we are in the midst of developing the Masjid Library for the community. All Library items will be catalogued so that we have an electronic inventory of all the Islamic books. We hope that this new project is a pride for our Masjid and for our community.

D. Community Events & Services

1. Annual Community BBQ
Every year the Masjid holds an annual BBQ to bring the community together for juicy, halal burgers and a day of fun. There are fun events for the children while the youth enjoy sports and other activities.

2. Burial Plots
The Masjid administration is considering to purchase property for a Muslim cemetery in Waterloo. This will be a major expense for the Masjid, but will provide a lot of benefits for the community including inexpensive burial plots and a Muslim-only burial ground, among others.

E. Youth

1. Lectures/Halaqas/Workshops
Insha'Allah the Masjid will be expanding upon the youth initiatives within our community. Our youth are our most precious possessions and it is our duty to ensure that they have a place within our Masjid. New activities will be developed which the youth can connect with and reflect upon.