Sheikh Abdul-Mannan Syed Nadwi

Born in India, Sheikh Abdul-Mannan attended the world-famous Nadwatul-Ulema Islamic Univeristy and graduated from its Alimiyyah and Fazeelah program in 1989 with a specialization in Qur'anic Tafsir. He had memorized the Qur'an at a very young age and upon his graduation from Nadwatul-Ulema he was continuously called upon to peform khutbahs and lectures at major conferences throughout his home country. Sheikh Abdul-Mannan then joined the Higher Faculty for Da'wah and Islamic Thought and completed his thesis there under the supervision and tutelage of the renowned scholar and 'alim Sheikh Abul-Hasan Ali Nadwi (rahimullah). Sheikh Abdul-Mannan then headed to Saudi Arabia where he received his brief Imam training from one of the leading Imam training centers in the world, the Jami'atul-Imam as-Sa'ud Islamiyyah in Riyadh.

Sheikh Abdul-Mannan arrived in North America 21 years ago and served as an Imam of a number of Islamic centers and masajid in U.S. and Canada, until finally settling in Waterloo, Canada in 1999. He has been a leading and central figure for the Kitchener-Waterloo Muslim community since his arrival here, and those who know him describe him as a very softspoken and knowledgeable individual. Even today, Sheikh Abdul-Mannan's quest for Islamic knowledge and da'wah work frequently takes him to others parts of North America and the world, such as the Middle East, Egypt, Europe, Russia, among many others. The Kitchener-Waterloo Muslim community is blessed to have such an experienced Imam and scholar in our midsts. Alhamdulillah he is married and has three children.

May Allah (swt) bless our Sheikh.

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