According to the Constitution of the Muslim Society of Waterloo & Wellington Counties, nine Directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting of Society members. Out of the nine, three are chosen to act as Society Executives to run the day-to-day functions of the Society and Masjid along with the Superintendent. Both the Directors and the Executives are collectively known as the Board Members.


  • President: Abdulrehman Alarakhia
  • Secretary: Nadir Shaikh
  • Treasurer: Mohammad Faheemuudin


  • Shah Yusuf
  • Amir Shaikh
  • Falah Alizzi
  • Alkan Mehmet
  • Orooj Alam
  • Mohammad Abuleil

Other members

  • Islamic School Principal: Imam Abdul-Mannan
  • Assistant Treasurer: Alkan Mehmet
  • Superintendent: Irfan Jamal